I don’t watch porn too often, and when I do it’s of a pretty standard variety. Hence my surprise when, prior to starting this blog, I decided to google “the IR amateur” just to see what comes up. Turns out, ‘ir’ is a common abbreviation for interracial, as in interracial sex.  Quite frankly, it only made me like my chosen blog name more.

However, that’s where this blog’s association with pornography ends. My apologies if I mislead you. Instead, this blog is about international relations, politics, government, economic development, international political economy and foreign policy. While I’m pretty happy discussing pretty much anything that falls within the above-mentioned and related spheres, I do have a specific interest in developing nations, especially the BRICS nations, as well as general African and Asian development.

As the name indicates, I’m no expert. I’m currently in my final year at the University of Cape Town, doing a bachelor’s in International Relations. Thus, while my arguments and opinions will by no means be infallible, I hope this blog will spark some interesting online conversations. Anyone is welcome to participate as long as you are respectful of the other users.



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